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Buttocks story

Some will think that all literature is erotic, since it finds its inspiration, according to them, in the confrontation of the two forces that drive us, eros and thanatos. In other words, the contrary drives of life and death.

However, there is indeed an erotic literature, which is distinguished from any other: that which draws its specificity not from the display of carnal desire, but from the transgressions that it authorizes. Against the times, religion, society, dominant mores, conventions, standards. Sometimes the transgression becomes provocation, challenge, manifesto. And here are the creators of the most carnal masterpieces of the French language transferred from the boudoir to the prison and sometimes, then, from the prison to the Academy!

Restif de la Bretonne, Sade, Apollinaire, Genêt, Bataille, Réage, so many have made erotic literature a sanctuary of freedom. Their works are famous and read all over the world.

Bookan selects texts or authors of erotic texts that are poorly or less known. A collection that will grow over time, to recall the diversity of identities, fantasies and sexual practices.

John Cleland: Memoirs of Fanny Hill, Woman of Pleasure, 1749

Alfred de Musset: Gamiani, 1800

Leopold von Sacher-Masoch: The Venus in the Fur (1870)

Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud: Erotic poems (1867 to 1903)

Claude-François-Xavier Mercier de Compiègne: Praise of the breasts of women, curious work (1873)

Oscar Wilde: Teleny (1893)

Alfred Jarry: The Overmale (1902)

Pierre Louÿs: Three daughters of their mother (1926)

François Paul Alibert: The torture of a tail (1931)

Anonymous: Kin P'ing Mei, or the wonderful story of Hsi Men with his six wives (1949)

Multiple authors: Erotic correspondences

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