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Going with all your family to a faraway destination, moving away from your landmarks, leaving your friends, colleagues, neighborhood: it is the adventure that awaits those that a large company sends abroad.


These expatriates will build bridges or stadiums in Singapore or Chicago. They will insure individuals, companies, local authorities in Bogota or Tokyo. They will manage hotels, restaurants in Beijing or Vancouver. For them, a real leap into the unknown. Of course, they will have read a few books, followed a few training sessions organized by their company. They may already know which school to enroll their child in, and in which neighborhood to rent an apartment ... But Bookan's “Expatriation” podcasts, which they will listen to the days before their departure, or on the plane. , will offer them a real immersion in local cultures.

These podcasts are written, produced and produced with the expatriate company or group. The culture of the company and its values are therefore taken into account.

However, each of these podcast takes the part of showing what to do from what not to do. A fictitious family, couple and individual make mistakes and missteps that make them both funny and touching… and especially not to be imitated. The whole in a sound environment which immerses in the country or the city where these characters will be brought to live.

The culture, the way of life, the uses, the means of transport, the leisures, the school, the gastronomy, the business world, the environment of the company concerned in this country, everything is explored through sounds, atmospheres, comedy, and lessons to be learned ...

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