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Livre audio Bookan


Because Bookan counts, among its founders, publisher himself, the author of fifteen books published by the greatest publishers (Robert Laffont, Michel Lafon, Lattès, Plon, etc.), the company has in its DNA a true love of books. That's why Bookan offers the best publishing houses, actors, designers art directors and directors capable of recreating the world of their authors.


Bookan produces audio versions of all the best selling books : novels, testimonials, essays, technical or scientific books, general literature, etc.

Bookan is not just another service provider in the field of audio book production. Its founder produced for a long time the  TF1 literary magazine, Ex Libris. An author himself, of some fifteen books, he has instilled into the company an immense love of words and a great respect for those who make them come  alive : the publishers.

Bookan does not produce "audio versions" of great books, but rather offers dives into the world of authors, immersions which constitute a genre in itself. This requires creativity, experience, and humility in the face of the worlds built by the authors.

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