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Read by the author

Sound engineer: Victor Lecoeur

Artistic advisor: Clermont Fu

Producers: Frédéric Lepage, Stéphane Lambert

Production manager: Vincent Khau

Technical advisor: Étienne Guérin

Far from Fort Boyard, Magloire offers us a huge surprise

An entertainer? A reality TV star? A provocateur?  

What if Magloire Delcros was also the opposite: an intellectual, a humanist, a being of great culture and of an overwhelming sensitivity, mystical and rationalist at the same time, vulnerable, erudite?

His Anthology of the Most Beautiful Prayers in the World reveals him as he really is: subtle and generous. Far from being satisfied with compiling texts of great beauty, which their intelligent arrangement makes even more luminous, he evokes what he has never spoken of: his childhood, his two mothers, the color of his skin and his relations with Africa, its mourning, its love of animals, its taste for literature and beautiful texts, its feeling of belonging to diverse and universal humanity.

Followers of all religions will love to discover and appropriate the prayers he has chosen, Christians, Muslims, Jews, animists, from America, Greece, Japan, China, Africa ... The others , agnostics, unbelievers, or those whom these dialogues of man with himself will know how to move, will find there reasons to live better.

A lesson in peace, serenity, faith. But also better living and personal development.

This audiobook is the most unexpected of the season. We will talk about it, because the author knows how to attract microphones and cameras. Expressing his intimate truth for the first time, with humor and sensitivity, he will know how to touch his readers and invite the public to join him.

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