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Sometimes we think we are choosing an ornamental plant to decorate our interior. In reality, we adopt it so that it introduces life into it. We want her to accompany us throughout ours. We know that it will depend on us: it will make us indispensable and helpful. We will water it, feed it, care for it as we would a pet.


So Bookan created a unique podcast.

Flash the QR code that you will identify at the foot of the sole of your choice.


The “My plant speaks to me” podcast will automatically download.

Yuccas, areca, philodendrons, dracaenas, cacti, calatheas, potted ivy or ficus, each of these plants will begin to speak to you, to tell you about its life, that of its family, and to imagine the moments that you will share. It may be the start of a long love story!


Here is, for example, what your "rubber" ficus will tell you:




You just adopted me, or you intend to do so. When you noticed me, you immediately liked my large glossy leaves, shiny as if the nurseryman had waxed them. You had the impression that these large green ovals were reaching out towards you in silent imploration. So, you imagined me in your living room, near this window that opens onto your balcony. You thought I could enjoy the light without suffering too much from the heat. You have measured your responsibility: you will have to offer me humidity, humidity, permanently ...


We will live and grow old together. The seasons will shine my foliage at the same time as the age will sublimate you. We will contemplate the storms, the squall, the heat wave. All of this deserves our acquaintance, don't you think?


I will tell you about my ancestors. Who would believe that my great-great-great-grandparents, who were born in Burma, were over forty meters tall? A wasp, belonging to a specific subspecies, visited them. Rest assured, over the generations, I have lost my power of attraction for insects! This wasp fertilized their flowers, allowing them to produce fruit and secure offspring.  


This offspring, you have it in front of you. Yes, I am shorter than them. Do you know why ? Because I came from a cutting.  

This is how I was born ...

(to be continued)

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