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Whether serial killers fascinate in cinema or in television series, one can understand it: they offer the writers twists, tension, an unbearable suspense. Their story also reveals to us how much something in us, in the poorly explored convolutions of our brain, tastes horror, demands terror, likes to contemplate the most abject violence. It all starts with this attraction that slows down motorists who want to better see the victims of an accident on the side. It all ends with our fascination with Hannibal Lecter or Dexter.

But where does it come from that, in real life, so many women fall in love with a serial killer or an assassin? How is it possible that Marc Dutroux, during his incarceration, did not stop receiving letters from subjugated teenagers?

Serial Killer mon amour explores the fascination of these teens and adults - many more in number than you might think - who fell in love with an imprisoned criminal. Some married him when he was released. Several couples formed under these circumstances share their stories with us. Testimonies sometimes chilling and sometimes luminous. Strange stories that mix horror with love and redemption. And which stir within us, to the very depths of our being, the worst and the best.

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